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With Hickey Home Improvement you will receive quality, reliable service that provides you with a place to go for all those bothersome home repairs and improvements that you have been wanting to get done.  I've been doing home remodels and repairs for over 25 years and I may be able to help.  So, not sure how to fix that rotted trim, or lay that new tile floor, or install that closet organizer, or replace that old worn deck, get the picture...Give Hickey Home Improvement a call!  

New front door installed by

Hickey Home Improvement


I'm happy to help with small jobs, odd jobs and bigger jobs too.  Here is a list of things I may be able to help with:

*Some examples of small Jobs you might need done:  • repairing / replacing windows and doors  • repairing decks  • repairing trim and siding • repair to drywall  • wallpaper

*Some examples of odd jobs you may need doing:  • replacing door hardware  • repairing screens  •install closet organizers • power washing

*Some examples of bigger jobs that may be on your mind:  • bathroom remodel  • kitchen remodel •build a new deck

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